This text piece is an introduction to recipes that anyone can easily follow, even during lockdown. The UK has been in national lockdown since January 2021, and people have had no choice but to stay at home. However, here, problems other than virus infections can occur. The lonely situation where you can't be close to your loved ones or talk to someone in person definitely can't be good for your health. I call this the "HAPTIC CRISIS", and I insist that the problem is important and urgent. If you don't have any family or friends near you, the best thing to do is to get to know people on the Internet, make friends, order the same food from the same restaurant at the same time, and have a video chat while eating together.


This method is inspired by the Japanese saying "同じ釡の飯を食う"/"eat steamed rice from the same pot" (a metaphorical expression for a very close relationship). I currently live in the UK, but I feel much more connected with near-strangers living in the same area than talking online with my parents and friends in Japan. Even if they are not actually in the room with me, I still need someone who can share meals with me and who lives within a few kilometres or a few tens of kilometres. England and Japan are very far apart, and I need people who are closer to me than that.